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Andy Murray’s old school have a job offer for him !!

A pretty nifty tennis player  at Andy Murray’s old school hopes the 3 times grand slam champion might  return as a Physical Education  teacher once he retires.

Dunblane Primary School studnet  Gregor Wood was like the rest of us tennis lovign Brits sad to hear  of Andy Murray’s plans to retire this year due to injury, but immediately says the opportunity for his school and has great hopes he can influence what the tennis star does next.

“He should be a PE teacher here,” Primary Seven  student Gregor said. “I think he would be quite a good one.”

I was disappointed to see him retire , I kind of assumed he would go on forever but the hip seems to have put pay to his future.

Murray is a regular visitor to his old school and Gregor has met him on numerous occasions.  He thinks he is a particular laid back dude who has said he hopes one of the students from his old school may follow footsteps.

Gregor met the three times grand slam winner and  Wimbledon champion three times and feels like he is just one of the lads.

Gregor himself is quite a good tennis player, he credits Murray as been his inspiration.  Gregor understands hard work and determination will be key to any success.

Katie Cullen another student at the school agrees, she too has met Andy Murray and agrees he is an inspirational figure but also a bit of a funny dude as well.

She added: “I was quite sad and shocked that he was  in pain and been forced to retire but still happy that will soon be out of pain and able to relax and take a well earned break.

Headteacher Lorraine Slabbert also got in on the act expressing her disappointment  that Andy is been forced to retire this year as he has been a “huge inspiration”.

She added: “However, with everything we do in Dunblane we talk about a positive spin on that, and actually my next thought  was “what’s next for Andy and what extra impact can he have?”

In Dunblane’s High Street there is a golden post box put there  in recognition of his Olympic win in 2012, and  the court at the local tennis club is rarely without young Wimbledon hopefuls hitting tennis balls, inspired by the two times Wimbledon champion.


Spending in schools on teacher training has dropped for 1st time in 10 years due to budget pressures

Schools’ expenditure on teacher training in the UK has fallen for the 1st time this decade despite  the profession having a major retention problem, research finds.

Budget constraints  are forcing schools to cut their staff training  budgets, a report says.

Analysis requested by the education charity Teacher Development Trust, established that budgets for teacher training have reduced by and eight or 12%  in secondary schools and 7 per cent in primary schools.

Across the UK  investment in continuing professional development  varies massively from county to county.

Lets look at a school in Bury. They allocate less than £165 per teacher but secondary schools in Barking and Dagenham allocate 5X that amount of money on teacher training.

Other  schools starved of funds  have cut spending on books, pens , paper , computers and other  L & D resources  in an effort to try and fund training  for teachers, the research found.

John Collier, director of teaching and learning for St. Bart’s Academy Trust in Stoke-on-Trent, has cut back on stationery and books to fund teacher development. He warned: “If funding continues to get tighter, we’ll struggle to fund professional development at the current levels.”

David Weston, CEO of the Teacher Development Trust said: “Schools are facing significant funding issues, which are forcing them to spend less on CPD for teachers. This is a great concern, particularly at a time when teacher retention and job satisfaction are big issues.

“We know that CPD is linked to improved results for pupils, plus better staff morale and retention.

“Funding pressures are clearly showing on schools – first they’ve been cutting glue sticks and computers and now headteachers are having to cut investment in staff.”

Teacher’s Unions are up in arms about this, they point out that there is more teachers leaving the profession than entering it and at the end of the day it is students who will suffer.

For more information on this check out his article on Teacher Training in The Independent newspaper

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