Mothers and Fathers in Essex are stopping their kids attending RE  lessons on Islam and also preventing them from visiting local  mosques as school trips, a report for the council has found.

This depressing trend has been discovered in the area of Thurrock, a stronghold for Ukip  fans, where a new report warns of “integration issues” within the local community.

The report, from the standing advisory council for RE  (SACRE), a group that advises on RE in schools, calls for a full investigation to understand the full extent of withdrawals.

It says:  “Parents have objected to the teaching of Islam and have taken children from lessons & visits to places of worship. Its so hard to believe “

“The result is that those children, who clearly are those that most need to be taught to understand Islam, are missing out.”

It added: “It is not clear how widespread  this issue is in Thurrock, but what is  clear is that this needs to be investigate.

“Schools have a statutory duty to promote community cohesion.”

Tackling hate crime has always been a priority in Thurrock – where the largest amount of attacks have been against the Muslim community – but still some schools have experienced “tensions”.

Thurrock was  a big supporter of Brexit , it actually was the 4th highest in the UK – with a whopping 72.3%  of the electorate voting to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum.

During the general election campaign of 2017, former Nigel Farage of UKIP  visited the constituency with the party’s then candidate Tim Aker, who is an  MEP.

But all is not rosy in the UKIP garden , in January 2017  all 17 Ukip councillors in Thurrock resigned from the party and formed a new group, Thurrock Independents. They now provides the main official opposition to the ruling  Tory majority.

The Census in 2011 revealed that only 2 per cent of the population in Thurrock is Muslim.

SACRE is due to address Thurrock Council as soon as possible  about its fears over Islamophobic parents pulling children out of RE lessons.

A representitive for the Muslim Council of Britain told the Thurrock Gazette: “In an ever increasingly diverse society, it seems obvious that is crucial  to learn about each other’s faith & cultures, to  help develop greater understanding between communities.

“In particular, as hostility towards Muslim communities remains widespread and more young people are brought up with inaccurate views about Muslims, we believe visits to mosques are an important way to help resolve misunderstandings.”

The report comes after teachers warned in April last year that parents were increasingly abusing the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons due to their prejudices.

The while thing is just hugely depressing.