The world is a highly competitive place for Students  and they  have been warned they need to be steadfast & consistent in their studies, so as to come  up  to the world standards. Decision making must be informed.

A legal practitioner, Mrs. Ariola Awokoya and Senior Manager, Sustainability and Climate, PWC , Mrs. Morries Atoki,  gave the speech during the tenth year anniversary of De Beautiful Beginning School (DBBS), which also featured the unveiling of the school logo.

Speed, diligence and consistency are essential in achieving results in this modern era according to Mrs. Ariola Awokoya , adding that being focused & consistent will  aid them to conquer the  challenges of life.

The story of the “Tortoise and the Hare,” is a good example of the correct approach Awokoya said: “The underlying message of the children story  is that being fast and consistent, slow and steady are good but strategy & team work is best. So, you have to maximise your strength and capacity by applying all you have been learned.”

Atoki, while inspiring parents to guide their kids in the act of steadfastness and consistency, said: “Studies have shown that the first stage of a child’s education is critical to what the child would be. Show me a person  diligent in his career, for he shall stand before kings. So, parents must guide their children well and encourage them even in their choice of career.