The Importance of Working Together in Special Education

The Importance of Working Together in Special Education

When it comes to special education often students have teachers, parents, resource teachers, therapists and a whole team helping them to get their education.  All of these people must collaborate to ensure the success of the students they work with.  The importance of working together in Special Education cannot be understated.

It Takes a Village

Students with mild disabilities are included in a regular classroom so they can be with their peers throughout their school day.  That doesn’t mean that their teachers and parents aren’t working with special education teachers for subjects like math or reading.  The student may also be working with a school counselor and therapists.  The students till get the regular curriculum and they can have a student aide with them to help them keep up.  The student still participates in most of the activities in the classroom with their friends and peers.

Special Education Teachers

Unlike regular teachers special educators spend more time dealing with school management, parents and others when it comes to educating your child.  They need to understand your child’s condition and together they come up with an individualized education plan to ensure that your child has been accommodated accordingly in their classrooms.  It is important that special education teachers meet with the child’s parents on a regular basis, parents are even welcome to volunteer inside classrooms that will help them to understand where their child struggles.  Here are parents can get involved.

Therapists and other Counsellors

Depending on the nature of your child’s special needs there may be therapists and other counsellors involved.  Therapists can help teachers to work with students and understand their limitations.  They can help by recommending educational apps that can help develop basic skills in reading and math.  Having the kids in the classroom can help them with social skills and they can work together to help the child progress.

In order for your child to thrive and excel in school it requires a team of people working together.  At the center of that team is you the parents, you are the ones who will decide what is best for your child.  Each child is unique and so are there special needs whether they are mild learning disabilities or if they are further on the spectrum.  All of you working together and putting in place an individual plan with their needs in mind can help them get their education.

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