Studying for Your GCSEs

Studying for Your GCSEs

The thought of  GCSEs or the General Certificate of Secondary Education is enough to strike fear in the heart of many UK teenagers.  So much of your future can depend on how you do on your GCSEs.  Doing well can open up a world of possibilities from going to university to landing a good job when you are finally done with school.  It goes without saying that you want to do well, at the same time too much pressure can make it that much harder to get the results that you want. Studying for your GCSEs is a must if you want to succeed.  Let us give you some tips to help you make the most of your study time and reduce the amount of stress that you are under.

Make a Plan

Having a study plan and sticking to it will put you miles ahead.  A study plan isn’t that much different from your school schedule, all you are doing is setting aside blocks of time to work on each of your GCSE subjects.  You do have the ability to allocate your time wisely.  If you struggle with math then it will need more time than preparing for English.  You can put more time into the subjects that need it more.  Don’t overlook your social activities either, you need to spend time with friends and family too. You can create a study plan or just do a Google search for a template.

What Do You Struggle With

Which subjects give you the most problems?  You need to understand both your strengths and your weaknesses.  Strengths and weaknesses aren’t just about subjects but they can include things like motivation and discipline as well.  An average student with excellent study habits will always do better than a smart student who never studies or has no work ethic.  You also want to create the right environment that will let you get the most amount of work done.  Turn off all distractions like the telly and put the phone in a drawer until you’re done.  This is your future, texts can wait until you are done.  Now when it comes to subjects of your GCSEs, spend more time on your weak subjects but don’t ignore the classes you are good at, you should leave yourself enough time for reviews at the very least.

Attitude is Everything

A negative attitude never helps to achieve positive results.  Yes, there is pressure but you still need to try and maintain a good attitude, have faith in yourself and your abilities.  Focus on your studies and the results that you want.  Doing too much will only make you sick, take the time to rest and take frequent breaks.  A healthy balance of studying and enjoying life will help you get the test scores that you want.

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