Traveling broadens the mind but it can be hard to get time to travel when holding down a full time job. OK teaching allows you to have good holidays but even 2 months free every summer may not be enough to satisfy your travel bug. You can of course take a few years off and travel the world but that costs.

Lets be clear , when we talk about traveling we are not talking about 2 weeks in the Costa Del where ever !! When we talk about travel we are talking about spending enough time in a country to really soak up the culture, meet the locals and ok get a really good tan as well.

As I said it can be very hard to do this while only having a few month off a year.

What to do ?

Well one of the advantages of been a teacher is you can of course teach while traveling. Teaching English in a foreign country is a very popular option taken by many people who want to travel and earn money while doing it.

If for example spending a year in Vietnam appeals to you then you can go there for a year and teach English. Teaching in Vietnam allows you plenty of time off, the money you earn is more then enough to allow you to explore the country and live well.

Teach to Beach is a company who will organise work for you in Vietnam, you need the follow qualifications

  • You must be a native English speaker
  • Any bachelor’s degree.( Very few exceptions). Does not have to be teaching related.
  • Completion of TEFL/TESOL online course. We will advise on the best path here.
  • Some teaching experience is helpful but not a necessity.
  • Clean Criminal record.
  • Good health ( There will be an extensive health examination on arrival).

So what are you waiting for , there are many other teaching options available to you while working abroad.